Site Preparation
-Pre-view Location
Avoid street / security lights and other distracting elements
Good view of landmark and sky area of fireworks
Will emphasis be on lower ground works or the high aerial rockets 
-Choose Angle of View Lens
Wide: Sweeping Skyline w/ Foreground water
Normal: Single focal feature w/sky view (portrait mode?)
Telephoto: Considerable distance to subject/sky display

Shot Setup
-Camera on tripod with cable release
-Black hat and red light flashlight
-Spare battery and spare memory card
-Choose whether portrait or landscape mode
-Use lens hood to control reflection, flare, and lenght of exposure
-Camera set to ISO 100 or 200 (turn off auto ISO)
-Shoot in Raw for greater processing freedom
-Pre-focus secondary subject and lock with gaffers tape or pre-focus at infinfity
-Pre-zoom to control field of view with ambient daylight (and lock if desired)
-Set camera on Manual, Shutter Speed to Bulb, Aperture to f/8 > f/16

-Adjust field of view as needed
-Block unwanted light sources (security lights – head lights)
-Take test shot with first couple of explosions. Hold shutter from firework relase to fall.
-Review the LCD.
-Control exposure with aperture and shutter release (mentally counting seconds)
-Use the hat or other method to block light and get in 2 or 3 explosions in single exposure to create more dynamic compositions
-Review LCD following shots for guidance to control the light collection
-For creative looks, zoom in or out during exposure and start in focus and twist out of focus

Process Images
-Crop for good composition
-Allow images to be night shots and adjust exposure to blacks



Chris Angel Photography